WalMart Attempts to be MySpace, Badly

WalMart is working overtime to try and capture the minds of the kids with a space to let them express their individuality as long as it passes their censors.

Seriously, WalMart, you are about as uncool as it gets and half-assed crap like this just makes you look cheap and stupid.

The article is on Advertising Age, Wal-Mart Tries to Become MySpace and basically concludes that this is a pathetic attempt to collect children's minds so they'll shop at WalMart. It has nothing to do with kids expressing themselves since there are so many things that they cannot publish or write (a slag on WalMart? um, no, anything even remotely positive about Target? um, no).

A site espousing freedom and then barring any "objectionable content" is about as unfree and uncool as can be. And the kids interviewed for the article weren't buying it at all.

Sorry, WalMart, you still suck.

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