Online Life Consolidation

I've been taking advantage of both boys napping right now to consolidate my online life. It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.

There are still several layers to go but I've already cut down on a huge number of daily sites to visit while not losing the content I want. I'm using Bloglines to organize all of my site feeds. Next up is to figure out if I can track my fantasy leagues with it as well (where ya at now, Easy? Oh yeah, second place! Sorry, Rick).

Now I can even track new comments on my blogs, new hits on my Craigslist searches, stay current on all my pal blogs (except stubborn ol' Ryan Rhodes who refuses to figure out RSS because he's cranky like that).

And its nice. I'm still tweaking settings (not all new posts need to make the notifier pong, ya know?) and making it work better for me. But I like it alot now that I can consolidate 50 sites of so into one page.

[Update: In regards to Rhodes finally getting a feed, I stand corrected. 'Bout friggin' time!]
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