The Army Breaks Up with Halliburton

The Army has gotten tired of its abusive and exploited relationship with Halliburton and has broken off its monopoly contracts with them in order to see if other service companies can do the same job without the massive overcharges and without funnelling large amounts of money directly in the Vice President's pockets since that's, well just a little bit crooked and disgusting. In other words, the Army wants to remain friends but is reserving the right to see other people and companies to find out if they can be treated better.

Its the beginning of the political posturing season but I like the direction of the first salvo for the upcoming elections wherein the US Army has told Halliburtonn that it will have to rebid and compete with multiple vendors for service contracts in Iraq. The full post is over on IP Politik and links to this article.

Now, why wasn't this policy undertaken originally? Oh yeah, so Dick Cheney could make a shitload of money for himself and his pals. Hmm, and Halliburton is being investigated for overcharging for its services in Iraq too?

In other news, Ken Lay's recent death may make his widow very, very rich. There's some rumor that all his stolen and dirty money will go to her since he died after being convicted and before being sentenced. Which is a fucking travesty of justice. Every penny that prick stole should go directly to the pensions of all those Enron folks who got screwed over. And whatever's left over should be refunded to the people of California since we're the one's he stole it from originally.

Stay tuned for fake GOP and "conservative" outrage over gay people getting married, flag burning and whatever lame ass wedge issues the Rove Corps can dredge up to desperately try to hold on to power even though the GOP has been utterly terrible in running the show on their own.

I hate election season. The disconnect between what is really important and the GOP messaging is infuriating. Gay marriage is unimportant in the face of the war, in the face of the widening gap between rich and not-rich, flag burning is unimportant in light of the president's use of the Constitution and Bill of Rights for toilet paper and deciding that he is, according to his bobblehead lawyers, above the law, whichever law he chooses. The President of the USA is supposed to be a role model for behaviour, what example is George W. Bush setting with his policies? Where is the leadership?

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