Sorry Steve, Ya Lost Me

So there's this race for the Democratic nomination to take on California's biggest embarassment, the Governator. The race is between Phil Angelides and Steve Westly and, according to the polls, its pretty well dead even right now.

Only Westly's campaign is starting to not only sling mud but to sling bullshit mud, the worst kind. Westly's campaign is airing an ad right now that purports Angelides was part of a development scheme to dump more than a million gallons of toxic waste into Lake Tahoe.

The reality is that the Angelides family bought a condo that had been developed by these crooks, when Angelides found out about them, he brought his own lawsuit against them.

Sorry, Steve, but you actually had my vote until this. And, while I was just typing this up, another commercial aired in which Westly claims to be endorsed by the Sierra Club of California. No mention on the home page, strange.

I don't know, in many ways, I don't care which of the two it is so long as they beat Arnold and get that flippin' meat headed asshat out of office (so he can prep for his 2008 Presidential Bid, I'm sure).

And oh yeah, I'm not the first but Gubernatorial is a really, really stupid word.

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