Emotional Adventure Television

Extreme sport are for surface dwellers, you want to get to the tough stuff, start watching shows like Shalom in the Home and see what real families are like when they get broken.

Its something like Nanny 911 or SuperNanny but its more on the whole family and not just the insane kids

Its horrible tv but its also compelling and good because it always delivers the goods in the end and Schmuley leaves yet another once-breaking, now-united home again. The guy is so earnest you just want to hug him. And he's also very bright and can see right through people and their walls. He's good.

But its also difficult to watch people go up and down and expose their anger, their insecurities and their fear of failure. Seeing someone breakdown emotionally and then get rebuilt into a better, nicer, happier and just all around more human person is a great story.

It would be completely unwatchable if it didn't end well. So he had better not ever pull the two episode doozy.

And while I like the premise and cool aging sequences on Honey, We're Killing the Kids, they need to rethink the look of the show, an abandoned warehouse? Why? It should be a clinical setting, not some warehouse. But its a good show despite the decor and the severity of the host.

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