Prices May Vary

I don't get some online companies. Like Register.com. I went there to see how much they wanted to charge me to register a domain name that I've been kicking around in my head for a little while.

Two years? $75.

Do they think I'm stupid or something? And maybe I am but I'm not stupid enough to believe/think that it costs $37.50 a year to register a pissant domain.

And, after I quit the site and went to another place that charged me a much more reasonable $7.50 a year, Register.com sent me an email offer of only $20 a year. Or nearly three times the rate I did get. Which equals a really bad deal.

Sorry Register.com but that's absolutely stupid ass marketing. You never had a chance even for $20 a year, you idiots but why would you quote a higher price on your site and then try to get me back via email? I mean, I understand your goal to get sales anyway you can but try a more reasonable pricing strategy first. But thanks for misusing what information I did provide. That lets me know that you're not an especially ethical company either.

Also, I didn't even consider GoDaddy.com because Bob Parsons, the founder, is a freaking jackass dutchbag who should never make another dime.
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