New Word of the Day - Concraption

Today's new word came from a post over on MeCha.

Concraption - a gadget toilet, i.e. a contraption crapper....contracted.

Plus, I have learned of something new in language, it is the recursive acronym - basically the spelling of the acronym with the first letter in the acronym being the word being spelled, i.e. GNU - Gnu's Not Unix. Learned because my grin word today is MUNG which is also a recursive acronym standing for Mung Until No Good, even though I have no idea what that means. But hell, still pretty darned cool.

Recursiveness, in general, good for a laugh. Witness things like the Hasselhoffian Recursion (warning, link is to NSFW David Hassellhoff image from hell) and tell me you didn't laugh before you gagged.

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