Everything a Good Host Is

Jim O'Connor is the perfect host for his show, The Secret Life of..., on FoodTV. He's a brash and outgoing and goofy guy who's competely inoffensive and as funny as a clown without being rude or a jerk. And he can also interview decently before getting down to the chow. He's the perfect combination of brash boy and respectful (but definitely fun-loving) host. And when he likes something he has no problems demonstrating how much he likes it!

And what a fantastic job he's got. He travels everywhere and gets to eat great food, talk with crazy interesting people and, oh yeah, he gets to eat great food. And travel. I almost want to hate the guy for having such a great gig but I can't. And that's the sign of a pretty damned good host.

Though I'm sure he drives other people up the freaking wall.

Kind of like the host of What's Up With That House on HGTV, George Gray. The show could be excellent but his personality is a wicked, wicked buzzkill. Like he needs a kick in the nuts, buzzkill. The show explores that one crazy house in your neighborhood and would be fascinating and fun to watch but the host is a wanna-be hipster wanker with that utterly stupid "soul patch" tuft of blond stupidity on his chin and mannerisms that would be more suited for Chuck E. Cheese. Congratulations, your show is unwatchable because you're an idiot who thinks your personality helps the show. Also in this category? "Attack of the Show" on G4, a bunch of pricks who think they are the coolest of the coolest cool kids to ever walk the earth. Unwatchable tv at its worst.

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