My Hope for the New Baseball Season

Jeff Fucking Passan is the new head baseball writer for Yahoo! Sports and makes not even the slightest nod to any pretense of editorial objectivity in his slash and slander columns. (Note, I'm only guessing that his middle name is Fucking, it might Douchebag, Asshat, Cocksucker or Loser but I'm going with Fucking).

His latest is Hope Springs Eternal, about the start of the baseball season and all the hopes he has for the upcoming season.

Among them that Barry Bonds will quit because Jeff Fucking Passan has looked at him and declared that he's obviously juiced and cheating and shouldn't be allowed to even talk to children. Or some such bullshit.

Hey Jeff Fucking Passan, show me the drug tests that Barry has failed? You can't because they don't exist. Show me the proof you've got that Barry was and is juiced now? You can't because you don't have any proof. You are just talking out your ass.

Hey Jeff Fucking Passan, if you're going to level slander and libel at people, why don't you take the non-pussy step of putting a damned email address on your columns so that irritated fans like myself could tell you exactly what a shitheel you are.

Because there is no feedback, there is only the Jeff Fucking Passan show and its a very bad and tired show written by a guy who's still pissed off because he didn't have the physical skills to make it as an athlete, so he sits in judgment over people who he couldn't even stand in the shadow of.

Which makes Jeff Fucking Passan, a big pussy who's not worth reading. Are you listening Yahoo? Get a journalist to write up your baseball news, not this angry asshole with a chip on his shoulder and nothing but disrespect and hate for the game's greatest slugger.

Fuck you, Jeff Passan, fuck you and your pissant little ego. Or better yet, why not try to actually write like a real journalist and report the news without your proclaimations of unproven guilt. Its lame ass pricks like you that are helping to fuel an incredibly stupid witch hunt that will amount to nothing.
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