Re: The Survivor Cutting Room Floor Recycle

Dear CBS,

Next time, just skip it altogether. This season was kind of a lame duck to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I really do like the idea of the Exile Island as a twist and punishment and sometimes reward. But this current cast of characters just isn't getting it done. There are some interesting ones, sure, but the overall feeling of this season is that its been done, better.

An hour long "show" that is alot of wasted time with a couple of cutting room floor scenes added back in to keep the suckers watching.

Bad idea, CBS, bad idea Survivor, bad idea Mark Burnett.

And now people will stew on how stupid and a waste of time last night's show was two whole weeks because of the retardedness that is March Madness? Brilliant! At this rate, you'll can the show before the start of the next season.
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