Double Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Squared and in Hefty Wranglers

Today on Maury, bad mothers who stuff their obese children with whatever food they want whenever they want and can't understand why their five year old weighs TWO HUNDRED and TWELVE pounds.

What planet are these absolute fools from? They're unable to recognize that THEY are the problem, that they are the ones who are supposed to set the rules and that they are enabling their children to eat themselves to a premature death. And they will. Have you ever seen a two hundred pound five year old? There's little chance any of these kids will ever lead a normal life. Their bodies have already been permanently altered by such excess weight at such a young age.

Thanks mom. Or not.

How is this not negligence on a par with starving your child? Its easily just as detrimental to the child. How is this not abuse?
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