Plausability: Help or Covering His Ass?

So, Dick Cheney didn't report the fact that he shot a guy in the face and chest with a shotgun for 18 plus hours because he was concerned about the guy he shot.

Orrrrrrrrr, he needed to make sure the alcohol in his system was gone before the cops got involved.

Last I checked Dick Cheney isn't a doctor and didn't attend to the guy he shot in the face and chest.

Yes, he took the blame and that damned near must have killed him. But the spin continues anyway. I heard them say Whittington, the guy Cheney shot in the face and chest, was 90 yards away when any idiot who's ever used a shotgun knows that the spread pattern that far out is totally different than it is closer in.

As many people in power tend to do, Cheney thinks you and I are absolute morons. And he had to be forced to speak publicly about shooting someone in the face and chest. Think about that. Think about all the other bullshit these jackwads are doing and then just add this cherry on top.

Which is more plausible? That Dick Cheney was sooooo concerned for the guy he shot in the face and chest or that he had more than the single beer he's already copped to and that there was a "significant amount" of alcohol in his system which would go to impaired function and he'd be likely subject to criminal negligence charges. Which would look really bad since he's already lost his chief of staff to scandal. More scandal is pretty well inevitable at this point.

Thanks for re-electing these fucktards, America.
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