Intentionally Shit Marketing

There's a new commercial for a medicine called Zetia that looks like a resident doctor going on rounds with a bunch of med students. And instead they are filthy shills for some fucking pill. Its a surreal ad really because they are all making the motions of the reisdent and student but the words are pure marketing drivel.

As in, one guy says the disclaimer about side effects like he's having a normal conversation with the resident. The tone of the ad is misleading, the message is muddled and the bottom line is that they are sowing confusion while marketing their pill.

It is marketing that attempts to delude viewers into a false reality. That within the construct of the ad, the reality they present is normal and believable. There's just something about the ad that rubs me very wrong. Like they are subverting a tradition for their own shill perhaps.

This ad is intentionally misleading and shouldn't be allowed to air. Its also confusing, misleading and, well, stupid.
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