A Fortnight of Freedom

Today is two weeks from when I quit my job, today would be the last day of my notice, if they'd kept that door open. But I'm kind of glad they didn't as it has been nice to have a break from work for a little bit.

Not much has changed since I left. I've been sick, had a bout of food poisoning, played some cards with friends, recreated my resume so that its about ten times better and watched alot of the Olympics. But I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to get up and go to work every morning. Especially with Graydon getting four eye teeth in at once and being up until all hours of the night crying and moaning.

And I scouted another property yesterday. The location is good, in the sunny part of the canyons, but the terrain is, from reports, too steep to be really feasible for construction. But where one door closes, another opens and I'm scheduling a walk of another plot of land soon. And I'm able to put time in house projects to cross them off the list. There's plenty to do, I just wish I felt better so I could do it.

Oh yeah, my father's second wife wants to get in touch and "catch up". I think I'll take a pass on that action as the woman was less than kind when I knew her as a child.
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