Enthusiasm Trumps Knowledge

We went to a soggy birthday party for a four year old yesterday up in the hills above our town. Aside from the dreary rain and the inability to use the bounce-house, it was a great time.

Graydon had a ball chasing the bigger kids and sitting with the littler kids. He gets this happy look and charges along with the crowd even though he has no idea what's going on or where they are going. But he sure is an enthusiastic participant.

The funniest moment for me was when they played some musical chairs and Graydon wanted to play but doesn't know how at all. So, instead, he ran around the opposite way from the kids playing the game hooting and laughing and having a grand old time. To the point that other parents in the room were laughing at him as well. He gets this set smile and then charges and charges and charges. Its pretty amazingly adorable.

That and his habit lately of wearing his porkpie hat around the house is hilarious. Especially when he's only wearing a diaper and the hat.
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