Saving Money

So I am getting myself re-enrolled in my company's health insurance program which will allow us to remove me from our small business policy which will end up saving us a minimum of $200 a month and I'll have better coverage in several areas.

One of which that will pay off almost immediately is the better dental coverage and, more importantly, the more immediate dental coverage. One lovely thing we've learned since purchasing our insurance policy is that there is a 12 month waiting period for major dental work. Something our agent somehow failed to mention and nearly cost us $1400. Needless to say, we are not impressed or pleased with our agent.

But I will be able to get my cracked tooth repaired for alot less money next month and that will make alot of things easier, not less painful but fiscally easier. Which is good because we're having a baby and the baby is going to cost us a few shiny pennies to bring into the world.

And the teaser on the baby front is that we will be finding out the baby's sex tomorrow! Woohoo! I'm still leaning towards it being a boy but my lovely wife is waffling and thinks it might actually be a little girl. Either one is fine, just not both and not neither. And human, human would be good too.

The other thought I have after dealing with this whole insurance pain in the ass is that we, the United States, should really get a national healthcare system in place soon. Its embarassing that we do not have national healthcare already as its been on the table forever now and the politicians just can't seem to get it done. Lack of will, lack of votes and far too much money being made by insurance companies. Its not helped by big companies like Wal-Mart foisting a huge portion of their costs on the local townships (and good on Maryland for passing legislation forcing them to be better corporate citizens)
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