Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been raining for almost ever now. This morning's walk we were met with a bridge under a foot and a half of water, another bridge under more water and the slough as big as its ever been.

Nande, of course, had a ton of fun running around in and out of the water like a loony-dog. Which got all the better when her pal showed up with her owner and the two of them went romping.

One of the fun parts of this walk was standing about where this photo was taken and throwing the rocks across to the other side. Nande and Mandi, her dark furred pal seen here, would charge across, through the chest deep (for a dog) water. And then we'd call them back and they'd come charging back across. It was fun for them as well as good and tiring.

On the way back up the hill I got to see how nature corrals worms. They were being collected behind a pile up in a storm drain. A whole bunch of them, maybe thirty. All collecting together with nowhere else to go and no way to get any purchase to get out of the water.

When we got back to the house, Nande got a rubdown with the towel before a bath to get rid of the slough stank. And she's now happily sleeping on one of her beds.

But I wouldn't bet a penny against her being ready for more.

Which seems to be what Mother Nature's got in store for us today. More rain. I'm glad our house isn't at the bottom of a hill.
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