Jubiliation Becomes Grief

Would it be harder to be told your father died in a mine accident or would it be harder to be told that he survived and was alive and you'd see him in a couple of hours and then find out he's dead?

The story of the trapped miners apparently ended in a miracle as all the news channels were reporting 12 of the 13 miners had been rescued alive.

Turns out they got that backwards and only 1 of the 13 survived. If I were a member of those families, I would almost certainly be looking to sue the crap out of every news agency that reported the false rescue.

Far, far worse to have been told your father survived when he did not. Just terrible. I'd even woken up my wife to tell her of the amazing news of the rescue of 12 of them alive last night. I feel awful for all of the families and friends involved.
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