Football Minute

Alrighty then, so we had a bittersweet weekend of football for the first round of the playoffs.

My 'Skins toughed out one helluva defensive struggle against the Bucs' to head into the next round but they'd better get more than 122 yards of total offense against the Seahawks next weekend OR they'd better knock Shaun Alexander back into the stone age. And my neighbor now doesn't like me because he's a Bucs fan.

The Steelers looked a bit ragged in the first half but came on very, very strong in the second half to defeat the Panthers Jaguars Bengals (thanks Shawn, all cats look alike to me). They looked balanced, quick and very tough. They will have their hands full with Indy next weekend but that's alright, they like things tough and rough. But my mental block with the the Steelers having beaten the Bengals and not the Panthers or Jaguars tells me something, its been a really long time since the Bengals have made the post season and then they didn't even bother to show up for the second half.

The Pats made it look too easy against the Jags who are a better team than they looked like this weekend.

And then there was the Carolina ass kicking. Sorry Eli but you're a bit too fresh for the playoffs this time around. Maybe with a little more experience under his belt he'll swing it but not this year. And sorry, I'm not a Tiki Barber fan, he had a great year but he's still Mr. Fumble in my book (and that's only partially he creamed my fantasy team with the 200+ rushing game in the last couple of weeks of the season).

Next weekend's games look to be, well, excellent. New England at Denver should be a great fight but I'm going with the Pats over the Broncos. Washington at Seattle might be a good game or it might be the Shaun Alexander show, I hope not. Pittsburgh at Indy will be a good game, a high powered offense against a fast, high-powered and hard hitting defense combined with the Bus feeling retirement coming on and a desire to go out in high style, should be a great game. And Carolina at Chicago will be fun to watch but that's because I love watching a swarming defense just dominate games. And the Bears' defense has been kicking ass and taking names all season long.

Much as it pains me, I see the final four as Seattle, Chicago, Pittsburgh and New England as I just don't think the Redskins are quite there yet. My choice would be a Chicago against Pittsburgh SuperBowl with the Steelers taking it all home for Jerome Bettis to ride off into the sunset on.
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