Disturbing Advertising

No, I don't mean the painfully manipulative commercials for the Christian Children's Fund that saves children and then gives them food too.

Nope, there's a series of commercials for the NBA that has people doing their job in the 24 seconds given by the shot clock (yeah, I barely know basketball so bear with me as I cannot stand the sport). The first one was a pair of window washers who basically clean the entire side of a building in 24 seconds while doing a terrible job and nearly killing themselves. Not a bad ad for demonstrating how little time NBA guys have to do their job in.

But the really disturbing commercial is the guy getting the straight razor shave and his barber starts going faster and faster and faster until its really just too damned disturbing to watch and I have to change the channel. Yes, its hard to get your job done in 24 seconds but damn, that's just scary as flippin' hell. Shaving cream is being whipped around and the razor blade is flashing all over this rather frightened dude's face as his barber is watching the clock and now what he's doing.

Its not like I was about to go and get a shave but now there's not even any chance I'd ever even think about considering it. Regardless that it was an ad, the image sticks and hell no am I letting anyone near me with one of those deadly razors. Hell-freakin'-no!

There's also another one where the ad is based on an informercial and the product is basically a fan with razor blades attached. Its not as awful but the premise is close to the NBA commercial but without the graphic fear component.

And, oh yeah, the shot clock ad doesn't really work on me anyway, I'm still not going to watch a bunch of sweatin' freaks play a sport that's less interesting to me than watching bass fishing (which is almost as bad as watching fishing gadget infomercials).
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