Air America's Shortcomings

A month or two ago I came across Air America broadcasting on a local AM station and have made a point of listening in on my way home in the evenings if I'm driving.

And, for the most part, I think they've got a great product. That's based on listening to the Majority Report with Sam and Janeane.

But there are several areas where the station could use some serious improvement. Like the announcer for the show, who sounds like a drunk wrestling announcer and I actually change the station in order to listen to his overdrawn out pronunciations. Its really grating and could be easily fixed by having someone else intro the show.

Another main criticism is the fluff music crap during the drivetime. They'll fill airtime with instrumental music that's nice and all but isn't talk radio and isn't political. They'll sometimes have some moronic Intelligent Design lady deliver her canned and stupid little speech about why ID deserves to be taught alongside evolution. I know they do it because it riles people up but its stupid regardless.

The ads for other shows are distracting and not interesting. The Randy Roads Show (sp?) is one I've got absolutely zero interest in listening to because of the promos where she is a snarky idiot about semantics and Karl Rove. Sorry, that's not working, try actually adding something to the conversation instead of being a mere detractor, there are plenty of you already.

I think Air America would be much better served if they dispensed with the attempts to be funny AND politically charged. Do one or the other (preferably the politically charged) but not both. Trying to do both waters down the important messages.

Please get a new announcer who doesn't make me want to punch him in the face and send your old announcer back to the WWE where his intonations are welcome. They are a distraction on the radio.
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