Hell Hath a Chosen Spot for Thee

Need cash fast? Own your car? Take a loan against it and don't forget to pay it back right quick at their ridiculous interest rate (The interest rate? Try a whopping 372 percent per year) or the buggers will repossess your car and you'll still owe them money. Its about the sickest and most disgusting thing I've read today.

Al Sharpton should be so thoroughly ashamed of himself for signing his X to this newest and ever lower predatory tactic. Car Title Loans the Latest Predatory Lending Tactic.
From the article, “Title loans trap borrowers in perpetual debt through unaffordable balloon payments, high interest costs, and the threat of repossession,” said Jean Ann Fox, director of consumer protection for Consumer Federation of America.
Al Sharpton, you should go into your bathroom right now and stuff your head in the toilet and drown yourself, you contemptible scumbag. You are beyond grotesque, you are a mockery of decency and integrity and you should be put down like a rabid dog (but slower and with alot more electroshock to the balls). Look at that photo of this prick and tell me he wouldn't mug you while you were unconscious and probably feel you up while he's at it.
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