Tawdry Survivor Gloating

Yes, I'm a fanboy sometimes, not often but I do have a few shows that I get into and enjoy. The main one right now is Survivor Guatemala and, last night they voted off the second member of the jury in Jamie. Jamie's a burly southern guy with some pretty warped logic about the world and a rather large chip on his shoulder too.

And, as the survivors worked through their fourth week of the game, the guy was pretty clearly losing his grip on sanity. He'd devolved into a nagging paranoiac and bully and argumentarian to the point where his fear of being blindsided and voted out of the game game true because he kept pushing people not to.

Just stupid really. I'm glad he's gone though because he was a seriously annoying personality. I hate people who pretend to be all about logic and reason but have no problem backing it up with "Or I'll kick your sorry ass" which he used on numerous occasions.

And, just like the pretty boy Blake who dogged it around camp only to shine during challenges and wouldn't shut up ever, Jamie didn't get it either. He didn't see why or how he got tossed.

Right now, my money's on Gary because I like how he's carried himself with the exception of being stupid and lying about being an NFL quarterback back in the day because he thought people would assume he was rich. But beyond that, he's been a stand up guy. And I can definitely say that Lydia doesn't deserve to win, Rafe's starting to show some stones by winning two of three individual immunities, Steph's just trying to stay under the radar for as long as possible and has a chance of winning but not if she doesn't get to choose who she goes against in the final two. Judd's not going to win but he's certainly cooled his temper down. I go from liking to disliking him in almost the same breath which generally means I think he's kind of an ass.

And please, would someone send Danni something to eat, her emaciation is starting to border on kind of gross. Like she's trying to be Mary Kate or Ashley or something.
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