Second Only to PETA's: Your Mom Butchers Rabbits ad

This was a very, very bad idea and whoever came up with it should lose their job. The only ad I can think of that's worse is the one from PETA down below. Are they trying to make a point? Yes. Is that point lost in their sensationalistic style? Yes. Would they have been better served by going down a different route to bring more attention to the havoc and death wrought by bombing campaigns on civilian populations?
Yes because now I'm worried that Smurfette's being preyed upon by Craigslist opportunistic scumbags. Is it really anything people don't know about? That bombs are incredibly destructive and pretty indiscriminate in who they blow up? I'm not really sure what new message needs to show children's characters blown up, crushed and burning? Does this make sense to anyone? Didn't we all agree that bombing cute little blue people was a universally bad thing? Oh yeah, bombing all people is a bad thing but try telling that to a Chickenhawk-in-Chief.

Okay, everyone, got it now, bombs are bad, bombs blow up things and people indiscriminately, even Smurfs. Can we please stop co-opting children's icons for whatever the message of the day is?
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