Good On Ya, Angels

Congratulations to the California Angels of Anaheim or whatever their dumbass name is this week. They last night and are on their way to meeting the Chicago White Sox for the American League Division Championship.

I spoke about this possibility with someone the other day and his take was that the Yankees deserve to win because they paid their players more. To which I couldn't stop laughing. And they also said they couldn't cheer for the Angels since they knocked the A's out of the playoffs before the playoffs began. I think the A's knocked themselves out of the playoffs though. And the Yankees? The Yankees didn't deserve shit, they lost because all they are is big salaries with little cohesion, little sense of "team" among them. Big paychecks do not a team make. It makes for a whole lot of rich whiny fucknobs (Jeter, Sheffield, A-Rod) who will have the team's owner spending $250 million next season to all but guarantee another World Series appearance. Bleh. Steinbrenner is breaking baseball but at least he's done for this season.

By the way, nice work Cardinals and Astros for bumping off your opponents. The Padres were a joke in the post season but the Braves were no joke and that 18 inning marathon was a superb game, what the playoffs should be about.

And this season's World Series promises to be an interesting one with some team's that are very, very hungry.

And then there's this news piece about Mel Stottlemyer leaving the Yankees and passing along some parting words to Steinbrenner about what an asshole he is.
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