Ebaying Idiots

There are idiots everywhere. Its a fundamental reality of existence that there will be incredibly stupid and annoying people somewhere near you at pretty much all times.

Sadly the internet, once the domain of the educated and rational, has become yet another place where you are occasionally forced to interact with complete and utter fucking morons.

One of the places that happens more often than not is that great flea market in cyberspace, Ebay. I've been buying and selling on Ebay for years now and generally do not run into the nutters there very often. I chose the auctions I will bid on very carefully and make sure that my own auctions have plenty of disclaimers to give me an out if someone proves to be a PITA to deal with. In fact, I left I think my third negative feedback since starting to use Ebay about four years ago. A seller who intentionally posted the wrong picture and wrong description of the item and then feigned ignorance afterwards. I wouldn't have known better except that another person emailed me and said he'd made the same "mistake" with them. So I waited 90 days from the end of the auction and left him negative feedback today. With some luck I won't get smacked back with retaliatory negative feedback but I've prepared for it if it does happen, I'll deal.

Which brings us to a situation that my lovely wife is having to deal with. She's used Ebay in the past but not very much and has started to use the auction site to sell some things. The first couple of auctions went perfectly, good bidding, good communication, quick payments and everyone was happy.

But one of the most recent auctions has, through no fault of her own, been a real pain in the ass. The buyer is apparently incapable of reading an email as she sent a request to find out about the shipping and insurance. After writing back to her with the information she had requested, the buyer wrote back in ALL CAPS screaming that the package had better have been sent and had better have been insured and had better get there in time. Which, if she'd bothered to read the email she was replying to, was exactly what the email my wife sent her said. Verifying the shipping, the estimated delivery time and the insurance. But no, this moron hit reply and went into attack mode.

When my wife wrote her back to let her know that the information she asked for was already contained in the previous email and that her response was way over the top, the idiot buyer wrote back to insult my wife a couple of times and then let her know that she was going to give her negative feedback because that's what she deserved.

I've heard stories about asshole buyers using the threat of negative feedback to try and force sellers into giving them crap for free. I don't know if this idiot is doing that but I'm of a mind to report her to Ebay for abusive communication and just raw dumbass stupidity.
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