Sidewalk Hogs

Can someone explain to me how and why people walking on a path tend to walk far enough apart so that they block the path for other people?

I ride my bicycle on the river paths around Santa Cruz several times a week and invariably come across a group of people who seem to think its okay to block the path in both directions with their party and some have even gotten indignant with me when I ask them to make room so I can get by them and continue my ride. This happens on the river path, on West Cliff (a great, great bike ride along the bay) and most everywhere else people and bikes go in this town.

I'm tempted to just blow right by them as that's about level of consideration they're showing for other people.

Maybe I need to get a bell or horn on my bike or maybe even a siren? Whatever though because there will always be assholes who behave as if they own everything and I'm just squatting in their universe.

These people are only slightly less annoying than homeless people who cross roads one at a time, spread out far enough so that they keep you stopped for absolutely as long as possible. But I love it when they inconvenience you and then try to ask you for money. Yeah, that'll happen in this universe.
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