A Question about Censorship

While this may appear to be a follow up to the post below about censorship and book burning, its actually a result of having visited a blog that censored my fairly innocuous comments about their situation.

And its gotten me to wondering how much censoring is going on without anyone noticing?

Do you monkey with people's comments? Do you edit them or delete them if they say something you don't like?

From my own part, I've deleted very, very few comments over the years since I started Intellectual Poison. The only ones that I can think of were from one-hit trolls who basically found the site by search, read something they disagreed with, shat in the comments and left. No great loss.

I've not deleted comments I didn't agree with but I have edited comments that needed clarification or needed to have html fixed or glaring spelling errors but I've not changed the content or tenor of anyone's comments. Which may or may not be true, I seem to remember some troll a while ago who would leave long stupid circular rants. Those got deleted almost immediately.

But what about you? Do you delete or garden your comments?

What about sites you visit? Do you make a habit of not visiting sites with reputations for twisting comments or deleting them altogether? And yes, this was precipitated by an actual event but, since I'm a jerk, I'm not going to go into it here or there or anywhere. So there.
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