Lunch Upgrade Begging

So I had a guy ask me if I could spare him a couple of bucks so he could get a beer the other day. He wasn't homeless, or hadn't been homeless long enough to look scruffy. I think he just wanted to upgrade his lunch a little bit and had no problems asking strangers to donate to his cause.

Needless to say (though I'm saying it anyway) he didn't get a damned penny from me and barely even got the courtesy of a reply. I'm not sure how to even think about someone who supplements his meals this way. Its irritating that people ask for money randomly when they aren't really begging, they're just light then and seem to have no issue with "spot begging" to get to where they feel they should be.

Almost like the person who asks if you have change for a dollar when they don't have a dollar to trade you, they just want to see if you have change and then they ask if they can have it. Sorry, no, no you can't. The easy argument is why would I work to give someone who's not working and not trying to get work my money? Its illogical. But I know there are exceptions, I know there are people living on the streets who don't really have a choice. And there's one guy near my work that I do give a buck to on occasion. But there's no chance in hell I'm ever giving any money to the kids who spend all day everyday in the park across the river part time begging because they're too cool to get jobs and actually take care of themselves (yes, an assumption, woops).
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