The Last Bar of Soap

Among the many things I have sort of adopted as part of my work place regimen, things like stocking paper in the crappy printer but not too much or it jams but no one else ever seems to grasp that. One of those things I do is to keep some decent hand soap in our bathroom because the office supplied liquid soap smells strong enough to strip paint.

I replaced the wafer of soap yesterday with a new bar of vanilla scented glycerin soap in the nearly positive knowledge that I won't be around to do it again. I'm not quite how it makes me feel, on the one hand I'm ready to move on and start something new and on the other hand I don't want to throw in the towel on everything I've done with the company to this point as I still feel like we're on the cusp of really exploding in a good way.

But no, there are times when you can see your path in front of you and I can see my path leading me to other doors and other opportunities.
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