A Belated You Born Today

Yes, my birthday was last Sunday on 9/11 but sometimes the post office takes their sweet time delivering mail and I just got a birthday card from my mom yesterday.

It contained two things in addition to her wishes for a happy birthday for her youngest and most adored child. One is a quote from her Zen calendar that's a great sentiment.

The mind creates the chasm which only the heart can cross. - Stephen Levine

The other insert is a clipped page from the local newspaper called "You Born Today" that is supposed to provide some insights into the character of us 9/11 babies. And it goes a little something like this:
You march to the beat of your own drummer. You have strong opinions about practically everything, and you're not afraid to express them. (Sometimes you shock others.) You certainly have a strong sense of ethics. Nevertheless, you're sensitive, nurturing and fun-loving. Something you've been involved with for the past nine years could end now.
Birthdate of: Harry Connick Jr., musician: Virginia Madsen, actress: O. Henry, writer: Mickey Hart, musician. (Actually, I added Mickey Hart in there because I know its his birthday as well).

The other good news is that my mom and step-dad will be here tomorrow so they'll get to see just how much Graydon's grown and expanded his capabilities. I think we're planning on going to the county fair on Sunday.
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