A new Camera Era Begins Now

I love early deliveries and I love early deliveries of my new tech toys when I wasn't expecting to get them until this afternoon at the earliest.

The new SD500 arrived a few minutes ago, the battery pack is charging (and looks like it is the same battery as in the S400 and S230 so that's cool beans!) and the 1 gig SD card is seated. I'm just waiting for the little charger light to go from red to green and then I'm going to shoot some snaps and see how I like my new camera!

I would have loved to have had it at last night's ballgame but that didn't happen and the Giants lost again anyway. We still had fun and our seats were really nice, just to the first base side of homeplate. Lots of foul balls hit in the territory but we didn't get any.

And we didn't get home until after midnight and I didn't get to bed until after 1 so I am feeling the anchor weighing me down today. But that's alright, I've got my slick little camera ready to roll and I am going to get out and capture some spectacular!

[Update: Battery is charged and I've snapped a few shots already, it feels like I'm using a camera I've had a for a long time. The controls are in the right place, the zoom works flawlessly and the pictures are pretty darned excellent. Why, oh why did I ever think I could find something I liked better in the Sony line up?

Now to get some replacement sounds in it so it doesn't sound goofy! But initial impressions are extremely favorable for this little camera. I am looking forward to really playing around with it and seeing what it can do. It also looks like I'll be able to use my low-budget telephoto lens (hmm, might have to do a full site republish, the link goes to an old template of IP, funny) set up so that's even better.]
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