File Under 'Tard Drivers

Is there an inverse relationship between how much you spent on your car and how high your IQ is? I swear I see more utter dumbfucks behind the wheels of $50k and up cars than any other. Not to say that there aren't morons driving around in crappy old Chevy Caprice's with beanie babies piled in the back window. No, they still exist but I'm amazed at what goddamned morons there are in the higher end rides.

Of course, I have a pertinent example of this from my morning commute or I wouldn't be writing about it.

There's a stoplight just before the parking garage where I park to go into work. Its a left turn and there's a pressure pad that your vehicle's gotta be on to make the turn signal go. This isn't rocket science, it really isn't. And yet, this morning's moron had pulled his expensive and roll over prone Range Rover too far forward to depress the pressure plate. And not far enough forward so that the car behind him could trigger it. So we got to sit and watch the lights change and didn't ever get our green arrow. I sat through two full light exchanges before pulling back into the through traffic and going into the garage the longer way. Last I saw, they were still sitting there and my guess is the idiot in the Range Rover was getting pissed off at the "broken" light when it all his fault.

Do people not know about those switches? Do people really have no clue what makes the lights change? I guess a good portion of the people do not. Dumbasses.

[Update: I'd forgotten that I wanted to link to this MeFi thread about a Flickrite who commutes in Kuwait everyday and sees expensive cars stacked, racked and smacked all over the road. Kind of sobering to realize that there were serious injuries and death in just about every one of these pictures. Some are pretty shocking so click through at your own risk.]
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