Ex Post Facto Retracto

Nationals manager wants Palmeiro's records wiped out for failing a steroid test after swearing up and down and categorically that he has never, ever, ever done steroids, period, to a congressional committee looking into steroids in baseball (because, you know, everything else has already been taken care of).

But this very quickly becomes a slippery slope. Where do you draw the line? What about those games he won for the Orioles or Rangers? Do they get erased too? How far back do you go to "set the record straight"? Isn't it kind of crazy to change the rules after he's been found guilty and then level a whole new range of punishments against him?

Better to work forward instead of backward where the inherent nebulosity of history clouds any investigation.
[Update: I would also like to add that I believe Rafael Palmiero's bid for the Hall of Fame is gone. He has no chance of getting in now nor should he expect to with his tainted records and hypocrisy over steroids. But I cannot support the wiping of his records, there's just no way to know what's 'roid powered and what's not and I don't think its feasible to wipe his entire career as it appears Frank Robinson wants to do.]
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