Bush: Intelligent Design Should Be Taught

Bush: Intelligent Design Should Be Taught notwithstanding the basic and irrefutable FACT that "Intelligent Design" is just a cute and modernized term for "Creationism", the concept that God created everything. And the basic fact that Creationism and Intelligent Design aren't theories, they are beliefs, they are part of a belief structure that has absolutely ZERO basis in reality.

And yet, we have our asshole president appealling to his Bible-humping powerbase with transparent garbage like this. What's next, Georgie?

Let me translate this "news": SMOKESCREEN! George and Co. want to divert attention from the real damage he's doing and not doing, he wants to divert attention from Rovegate to something less sensitive to his sweet Turd Blossom. Though he did have this to say "Karl's got my complete confidence. He's a valuable member of my team," Bush said. Which basically means, no matter what he did, no matter what harm he's caused to our intelligence community, he's not going anywhere because he's part of Bush's inner circle, so yeah, fuck the investigation, fuck the high treason, fuck the rest of the world, he's standing by his bitch.

Thanks America, yet again, for electing an exponentially increasing embarassment to a second term.

[Update: Because I've already been visited by some of those who want to hold Intelligent Design as a real alternative to the Theory of Evolution, I think it would be a good idea to clarify why and how Intelligent Design fails as a theory and as an alternative to the Theory of Evolution as well was what a scientific theory actually is and is not.

ID fails because its not provable or disprovable. It begins with the premise that there is a higher power and ends with that as a conclusion. That's not a theory, that's a logical argument construct given assumed premises. I could make an airtight logical construct that all men are women if you accept my basic assumed premises.

The Theory of Evolution is widely accepted by the scientific community as the prevailing best explanation for how we ended up here. It is built upon the foundation of science, subscribes to the scientific method and is repeatable, that is, I can test evolution myself.

Intelligent Design isn't a scientific theory in any way, its an attempt to explain the universe through theological means that are not verifiable, not repeatable and have little basis in the reality that we exist in. Using ID to explain the universe is a never ending series of "Who created the creator" arguments. If ID were true then who created the creator, who created the creator who created the creator and so on. It fails because it cannot sustain itself upon examination.

Lone Ranger says in his comments that my belief system is harder to sustain because it is so complex. But the reality is that my belief system sustains itself. It proves itself day in and day out. We gain a deeper understanding of natural process and our beliefs are reinforced by scientific progress as well as basic interaction in the world. My belief system does not require me to leap across a logical chasm to believe in a creature I can't see, hear, taste, touch or smell and yet is supposed to be responsible for everything? Yuh, my belief system does not require me to wear a blindfold and still proclaim that I can see everything.]
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