B to the Z

What's that sound like? Busy. Busy, busy, busy bees. From phone calls to emails to interviews to data pulls, today's shaping up to be another busy one in a series of busy ones.

It sure makes the day rip right by but sometimes I'd like to have a quiet day where I can surf for fun, cool and interesting stuff. I feel like I've been offline for the last week or so as I've been intentionally limiting my 'net time at home to spend more time helping out and playing with my little boy (who's hitting his terrible two's about ten months early).

But here's something to consider. Why is Snoop Dogg doing Chrysler commercials and why are they done so incredibly badly? The post production on the ads is atrocious, maybe its intentionally bad to be "edgy" or something. Doesn't make a damned bit of difference to me as the chances of my buying a Chrysler haven't changed ever, its been at zero and will remain at zero. Sorry, Lee Iaco-cizzle.