About As "Arty" as I Get

I've never really considered myself much of an artist. I can't draw very well, can't paint very well and am better at bashing things with a hammer than I am at sculpting. Though I am pretty good throwing pots on a wheel and working with clay. Though I do, on occasion, take a fairly decent photograph or two.

But this remains one of my most favorite "art" shots with embedded commentary. I guess part of the idea for the image came after reading a page from Maddox's Best Page in the Universe (some incredibly excellent rants and rips, well worth a detour off the polite Info-Superhighway) about Christopher Reeve is was an Asshole and I guess it struck a chord. Because his point of view is actually pretty spot-on even though its impolite to speak or write nasty things about the deceased.

Not only that, it felt good to be clever and do this too. Its good to feel clever every now and then. Its also good to shuck clothes and go running into the surf in the middle of the night too. And its good to feel your body work up a good sweat either riding your bicycle, lifting weights, doing aerobics or whatever.
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