It is Race Day in Monterey!

Well almost, this weekend the rocket bikes rule the roads in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. Like moths to the flame, the bikers are drawn to Laguna Seca for the, deep breath, Red Bull US Grand Prix 2005 at Mazda Raceway Lagana Seca.

Makes for an interesting commute, I'll tell you that much. Lots of bikes on the road, some lane splitting, some not, some going so slow as to effectively be stopped. And lots of egos with itchy throttle hands.

I'm thinking I might roll down either tomorrow or Sunday and check out the races for a bit. SmashMouth will be playing one of the days so that's cool but I wish I could bring my bicycle down to the track with me as its a way better way of getting around there. But it would be damned hard to transport a bike on the motorcycle and then there's the question of where to stash riding gear. Nah, logistics would make that a pain in the ass. But there would be some really great photo-ops down there from all the bikes, the girls and all the people so I might be able to justify it on the basis alone.

Besides, I might not be able to go down at all since there's chores to do and we're buying a business today. More on that later though seeing as how I don't want to hex the whole thing.
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