Um, How Could He NOT Be a Pyscho?

Take a look at this image of Gregory Despres and tell me that he's either completely nuts or is trying to appear to be completely nuts after he murdered his neighbors and then tried to cross the border into the US from Canada with an arsenal of weapons including a bloody chainsaw and a homemade sword.

He was later picked up by cops in Massachusetts wandering along a highway in a sweatshirt stained red and brown.

There are a whole bunch of disturbing aspects to this guy's case. Not the least of which is why the US Border Guards allowed him into the country at all since he arrived at the border fully armed for his own personal armageddon. Another question to ask, why wasn't he detained at the border by the Canadian authorities? Or is it normal for someone to try and cross an international border with blood all over their clothes? How about being covered in blood and looking like the pyscho version of Squiggy?
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