Post Op Report

Its a done deal. My eyes have seen the coming of the laser of the doctor and the laser goes TACK-TACK-TACK-TACK as it blasts layer after layer of unneeded corneal tissue from under the little flap they made. I didn't need to do the wavefront LASIK, just the regular LASIK, which was just fine, it costs alot less.

I didn't think I'd end up being as nervous as I ended up being but I had a very strong urge to bolt like a rabbit in a Skinner box when they had me lay down on the table. But the doctor was very good, he explained every step he was doing, nice and quiet but informative. And, before I even knew it, he was moving the goodies to the left eye and getting ready for a 35 second laser blast there after a 40 second blast on my right.

Its not the easiest of procedures but they do a really good job of making it as easy and quick as they can. It was less than 10 minutes from lay down to get up and out. Impressive really.

The most difficult part for me was listening to the mini buzz saw slice the flap on my cornea. Pretty unsettling to think about the whirring blade that close and not being able to see it because of the gear they'd mounted on my face. But I never felt it, not even the pressure of it on the eye. Just the sound and I avoided breathing through my nose while the laser was blasting because I'd been warned that the odor of laser blasted corneas is not anywhere near as nice as the smell of burning tires. Its probably not that bad but I was avoiding as much nasty as possible.

The first few hours after the surgery is not much fun either. I was given some Advil to help dull the edge of the pain but nothing except darkness was helping with the light sensitivity. I couldn't even have the television on with my eyes closed because the flashing was too much. And that was even through the stylin' sunnies they give out which are, truthfully, about fifty times nicer than other giveaway eye protection shades. I won't be sporting them on the Riviera later this summer but they were definitely not the cheesy crap ones.

One really nice aspect of the procedure was that we were given a night's stay at the Hilton across the street. Instead of having to drive home (which would have sucked with my eyes as sensitive as they were) I just went and laid down in a blacked out hotel room. And it was worrisome really to have such soreness in the eyes for the first few hours, combine the pain with vision that was only marginally improved over my non-op vision and its mildly disconcerting for the first few hours. But, hours later when the irritation is more or less gone, and I could look out the window without feeling like a hot knife was being plunged through my face, and I could focus and see several hundred yards away pretty clearly, that was cool. It was nice to look out this morning and watch the traffic buzz by.

I had my first follow up this morning and things look good so far. I've got to avoid swimming for a few weeks, no rubbing for a few months and antibiotic drops and anti-inflammatory drops every four hours for the next week. But it was worth it and I am really just excited about the prospect of donating my glasses to charity and throwing out my contact lens stuff.

And kind of cool to think I had the same doctor fix my eyes who did Terrell Owens' eyes as well as Bill Walsh's and a whole bunch of other folks in the Forty-Niner organization. His name's Scott Hyver and here's his site, ScottHyver Visioncare. Give him a ring if you want to see the whole world better. His staff was superb, the support has been great and I would very highly recommend him.
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