No News Won't Stop the News

Did you hear the news, did you? One of the three men being held for Natalee Holloway's disappearance said "something bad happened". Something bad. And he said this on, what, last Thursday? So what's happened between then and now? NOTHING. No news. So what have CNNFOXMSNBC done in the meantime, play the same fucking news clips again and again and again. Showing what a pretty teenager she was, showing how upset her family is, showing the same guy being led away in handcuffs. For five days now.

And, in that time, dozens and hundreds of other people have gone missing but not very many of them happen to be good looking white girls, do they? And so, no one is supposed to give a damn about them. Just the pretty white girls who get to to go to Aruba for graduating high school, get drunk and then go off to party party with three strange men but its cool because its like a little island and stuff.

Sorry, I feel bad for her family and for her. No one deserves to suffer for naivete or whatever really happened. But it is pretty fucking rude to focus such an enormous amount of attention on ONE MISSING GIRL when there are thousands of other people who are missing. Come on now, economies of scale and all that.
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