Lost and Found Cub Scout Still Lost

The 11 year old boy who was lost for four days but was just found today? Yeah, his first request was to play video games on one of his rescuers cell phones. Not food, not water, video games.

Sorry, son. You're still lost. Oh wait, this Wired News article says he was given some food and water and THEN asked to play video games. Phew.

Oh yeah, he also heard people looking for him but had been so indoctrinated against talking to strangers that he didn't reply to them. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he was found safe and sound but he certainly didn't make it easy on the searchers since he went uphill instead of down and avoided searchers because he didn't know them. But, all's well that ends well and at least he wasn't running away from a pending marriage with his googly eyes and a half million dollar book deal in the offing. But I'm sure someone's going to offer him a book deal, it seems like anytime anyone makes it into the news, for whatever reason, they get offered money to tell their story again.

And no, I still couldn't be bothered to give the first damn about Jennifer "Googly Eyes" Wilbanks and her book deal to retell her "story" of fraud, deciet and undying love. Bleh.
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