IP Movie Review: Dodgeball

Yeah, yeah, the movie was out like a couple of years ago and pretty much the entire universe has seen it already. We are NetFlix's favorite kind of customer. We get our movies and then forget to watch them for at least a week or two.

But we popped in Dodgeball last night and settled in.

Vince Vaughn is money, the guy's old school cool with a laugh with me while I laugh at myself sweet and goofiness to him. Ben Stiller, while I feel his star's way to high in the sky, was excellent as the wanker White Goodman, he can play the smarmy asshole to a tee. Christine Taylor was, well, she was lovely eye candy.

And the cameos were superb. Chuck Norris being the final judge was great even if Chuck kind of irritates me. Lance Armstrong's pep speech in the airport to Vince was about the funniest thing I think he has ever done and I'm sure he's said the same thing in his mind hundreds of times. Classic, funny and quirky.

Yes, the storyline is a bit forced and is mostly a vehicle for the jokes but the jokes are good, the jokes are genuinely funny and some of them are really very subtle and clever. Its the kind of movie I'd watch again just to see what else I could catch in it. Good stuff and I really enjoyed the laugh.
Venom +1
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