Boycott WalMart on Mother's Day, May 8th

Love Mom, Not WalMart

Would you give your money to a someone that denigrates women and treats them like second class citizens? Well that's exactly what does. Women are not paid as much and take a much, much longer time to be promoted to management positions within Walmart.

I am more than happy to sign the pledge. The concept is to highlight WalMart's business practices.

And really, what does it say about a gift you give your mother for Mother's Day (May 8th for those that aren't sure) when you're helping to propel a company that doesn't respect women's rights? You see, its because

Shop at the Gear That Gives store and you not only get great things but you also help provide free mammograms or some food to needy kids. Its a double win. And I've also just found out that their return policy is excellent!

Found via Captain Normal.
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Walmart India said...

Walmart India is a known corporate terrorist that has reached to the top by kicking, and hurting all the people connected to their warped system. However, we should realise the fact that the people behind this corporate beast have been manipulating humanity for a long time.