Yelling at Homeless People

I don't tend to interfere with other people unless they ask for it or behave in a way that my intervention is required.

Case in point, I went out at lunch to snap some pics for a Flickr group that I'm a part of. On the way back, I happened to see another interesting photo op so I stopped to snap a pic or two. As I was getting back underway, a homeless guy was walking towards me with something in his hands.

As I got a little closer to him, he discarded it on the ground. It was a dirty napkin and it caught the wind and blew out in the street and away from us.

I caught his eye, looked him square in the face and said "Thanks for littering," loud enough to penetrate his mass of matted pseudo-dreads. He just looked at me like I was an asshole and kept walking.

And I am an asshole but that's not the point here. Don't come to my town and throw your trash on my streets in front of me and not expect to get called on it. If I'd had my camera out still, I would have taken a picture of him doing it and then passed a copy on to the cops.

I hate, hate, hate people who treat the world as if its there solely for their ashtray or trashcan. Its not. You share it with 6 billion other people, play nice.