When Words Get Stuck in my Brain

It can be a bad thing when a word gets stuck on repeat in my head. For weeks I wasn't able to think anything without first dwelling on the word "nictitating" which refers to the kind of inner eyelid frogs and other creatures have to protect their eyes while under water. Yeah, pretty useless but its a pretty cool word. Just not for weeks on end.

Lately I've been playing two words over and over in my head, "Winkler" and "Sitzpinkel". Neither has an direct bearing on my moment to moment and day to day life but damned if they refuse to budge from the forefront of my mind.

Winkler may have perfectly innocuous uses in the course of a day but it is forever tied to slang for a man's penis. Its slightly German and slightly funny but is like superglue in my mind.

Sitzpinkel is another sticky word, it means, literally, peeing while sitting down. And it does not refer to women, its about men who are required to sit and pee so as to avoid making a mess. I'd think it was an urban legend but I had a buddy of mine tell me that his apartment mate required guests to sitzpinkel. I did not take him up on the offer to move in as I don't really take to having people telling me how I should void my bladder (unless I had a tendency to spray all over the place but that would have come up alot sooner).
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