Seabright Memory Map

Seabright MemoryMap
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Matt, the guy who started and still runs MetaFilter, is a really bright guy with some great ideas. His latest is the combination of the the new Google Maps with satellite images that you can zoom waaaay down with and Flickr's social networking and ability to add notes to the maps.

The result is something that's been dubbed a Memory Map. This is my Memory Map of Santa Cruz, and Seabright specifically. There are still notes to add, still places to highlight but its a really neat way of looking at places that are important to you.

Check it out, I've got 15 or 16 notes denoting interesting landmarks around my old neighborhood. I've also done one for the neighborhood I grew up in outside of Baltimore. Next up will be exploring cities that I like, San Francisco should be fun, New York should be great and I'd imagine Chicago will have some great sites to explore as well.

[Update: I was curious where all this traffic was coming from this morning (almost triple the normal volume). So I checked my referrer logs and noticed that Michael picked up the Memory Map concept and posted it on his Macleans blog. Thanks for the mention and eyeballs!]