ID Theft is Legal if the Cops are the Ones Doing the Stealing

Stripped of common sense is a news article about Ohio liquor enforcement agents employing some pretty underhanded tactics to try and shut down a strip club.

They sent in an undercover agent to strip and get inside dirt to help shut them down. They gave her a false identity to keep her safe. The problem is that they cut and pasted her new "details" from a real woman in Ohio. She has now had her identity stolen by the state of Ohio, she has now had stripper added to her record and cannot do a damned thing to change it because the liquor cops acted within the bounds of the law.

Nice, eh? The sting operation was legal under state law because state law allows authorites to assume the identity of anyone they want to during an investigation. Which means, they can lie like rugs, steal like kleptos and won't be held responsible for it.

Ohio's been off my list of states I'd willingly visit. Now its on the list of states I would go well out of my way to avoid. The authorities are abusing their power but that's nothing new in Ohio, remember the Republican who was in charge of the election recount? Funny how no one else seems to anymore.