I Will Miss This

Nande's Brush Rush
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Really the only bittersweet aspect to this vacation is that we do not get to take Nande with us. And I will miss her alot. For all her faults, she is a great, great pal to have around.

This morning we went down to the slough later than usual when the sun was up higher. She got to run for a good long time chasing the rocks into the brush. Only a couple of people came through, she was perfect and barely even registered them. Not even other dogs can get her off the rocks when she's gotten going on them. Her fixation is sometimes comical, especially when the other dog wants her attention and is trying to get in her face. Usually its a little dog who has to jump up to be seen and Nande just ignores them completely.

I think, that I will make a plea for next year's family go away to be out west so that we can bring our hound too.