Another Reason to Hate the Yankees

So I was watching the Opening Day game of the World Champion Boston Red Sox against the Yankees, knowing full well that I was not going to enjoy the game but its Opening Day so what are you gonna do? Besides, I was so tired that I kept falling asleep anyway.

But what struck me were the celebrity scans in the crowd. Lots of folks came out for the game and that's cool. What was most interesting is who was sitting with who.

And I found another reason to dislike Donald Trump (frumpy grumpy aside) as well as another reason to hate the Yankees all the more. And I found a new person to dislike solely based on who they associate with. It was a great scene really.

Donald Trump on one end, looking like his lifetime subscription to lemon-of-the-month had just arrived and he'd been heartily sucking on its pucker inducing pulp. In the middle, Regis Philbin, and then, on the end, Bill "Fucking" O'Reilly. Sorry, Reeeg, you're an asshole if you associate with assholes and Trump and O'Reilly are king sized asshat douchebags.

Let's see, the Yankees. Can a bunch of rag-tag multi-millionaires win with a payroll of more than $200 million dollar (assumed since I can't find 2005 payroll numbers anywhere yet), far and away the highest payroll in the major leagues. Last year, the gap between their payroll and the next highest, the Red Sox, was more than some of the smaller market teams total payroll. What does that mean? It means the Yankees are spending far, far, far more than other teams in order to stack their lineup with all-stars and hall-of-famers. It also means that the Yankees are the assholes of the league.

But yeah, sorry Regis, you've just been lumped into the asshat crew by associating with a dink like O'Reilly and an ego-centric monkey bitch like Trump.

And I would trade every Orioles win this season for an entire season sweep of every game they play against the Yankees. Especially if they absolutely beat the tar out of them everytime they played them. That would be sweet.

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